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Feb 12, 2010

Is it safe to drink urine?

Short answer – yes. Long answer – probably, yes. There is nothing particularly dangerous about drinking your own urine and none of the compounds found in urine are going to kill you. In fact, some people regularly drink their urine for health, healing, and cosmetic purposes. This practice is known as Urine Therapy. Nasty crap if you ask me, but to each his own.

The safety of drinking it changes depending on the situation you’re in though. A normal person with a healthy intake of food and water every day is more than safe why downing a glass of their pee. This is because they have enough water in their body – mainly their kidneys – to dilute the urine and the compounds it contains.

But what about someone in an emergency or survival situation? Often, when you’re in a survival situation you’re dehydrated. If you’re thinking of drinking your own piss to stay alive, you damn well should be. When you’re dehydrated your urine is concentrated. The sodium content, which is already quite high, is even higher. This also means the other chemicals and any toxins your kidneys had filtered out are more concentrated.

When you drink your urine when you’re already dehydrated you’re introducing concentrated chemicals back into your body for your kidneys to filter again. You might get a very slight amount of hydration from doing it, but as the urine if cycled through your kidneys again and becomes even more concentrated it will quickly become more of a danger than a benefit to drink it.


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