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May 27, 2010

Why fish fear their own reflections?

As they swim gently around their tank or bowl, fish tend to enjoy a stress-free existence. But they face one great potential peril, scientists have found. Apparently, if they catch sight of their reflection gawping back at them, they try to fight it.

They are then terrified when their lookalike fights back in exactly the same way. Scientists say the discovery shows how similar their brains are to ours. Biologist Dr Julie Desjardins, who led the study, said: 'I think this indicates there is more going on cognitively than people have long assumed in fish.' Male African cichlids, a territorial species, were either shown their reflection or another fish behind a pane of glass. In both cases the fish tried to fight.

All showed high levels of testosterone and other aggression-inducing hormones in their blood. The fishes' brains were also examined but only those that had fought with their reflection showed high activity in the amygdala, the brain region tied to fear and fear conditioning in all vertebrates - including humans.

Dr Desjardins, of Stanford University, California, said the fear was due to the unfamiliarity of the encounter, adding: 'The fish was not seeing the expected response from its opponent. 'The fact we saw evidence of a really high level of activity in the amygdala is pretty exciting and surprising.'


May 10, 2010

World's most expensive hair dresser

Everyone likes to spend big bucks on their hair, but we are talking really big bucks here. I mean like the world's most expensive hairdresser's charges. Stuart Phillips' packages are for those with a fat, let's just say morbidly obese wallet. He offers three VIP packages which are more than just a haircut. The Gold Package starts for $16,300 and features limo ride from the airport to the salon, champagne lunch upon arrival at the salon, hair consultation, head and scalp massage, cut and blow dry from Stuart Phillips himself, instruction to maintain your styling and suggestions for different ways to wear it, a selection of L’Oreal products to take home and limo ride back to the airport after your appointment.

The next in line is the £20,000 ($32,000) Diamond Package which is a two day/night adventure that includes chauffeur driven limo from your home to the airport, first class flight to the UK, limo will pick you up at the airport and take you to one of Britain’s finest hotels, champagne lunch, Stuart Phillips will escort you to the salon, extensive hair consultation, head and scalp massage, haircut, instructions to maintain style and suggestions for different ways of wearing it, selection of L’Oreal products, limo ride back to the hotel, day two to spend as you wish, limo ride back to the airport on the final day, limo ride from airport to your home and a portion of the proceeds go to two different charities.

The third Platinum Package is so expensive that you have contact Stuart Phillips Salon to get a quote. By the way, this package has anything you want including Stuart Phillips coming to you.


May 6, 2010

Boy saved from certain death by his ears

A boy in China was saved from the certain death of an eight-storey fall when his head got stuck in the bars of a window after he fell through. Ming Ming, aged six, was only prevented from plunging straight through the grate to his death by his ears. Instead, he was left dangling high above the street, to the terror of passers-by below. His screams, audible at street level, alerted them to his life-threatening predicament.

Emergency services raced to save him, worried the weight of his body might pull him through the bars or cause him to suffocate. They used a hydraulic pressure expander to force the bars apart and pulled Ming Ming back into his family's flat. A large crowd gathered on the street below as they carried out the rescue.

He is believed to have wandered to the window while looking for his grandfather, who had left him sleeping to run an errand. Fire service spokesman Wang Shen said its was a miraculous escape. He said: 'He could have fallen to the ground - or have been suffocated - at any minute.'