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Jan 5, 2010

Man Sleeps with Dead Wife for Five Years

Le Van, a 55-year-old man from a small town in Vietnam's central province Quand Nam, has been sleeping next to the body of his dead wife for the past 5 years. Wanting to be close to his deceased wife, Le Van began sleeping over her grave following her death.

After 20 months, the harsh weather conditions at night lead him to find another way of remaining close to her. Le Van reportedly dug a tunnel-like access point to her grave in order to sleep close to her.

Once his seven children became aware of what he was doing, they expressed deep concern for Le Van's actions and forced him to come home at night.

It was in November of 2004 that Le Van actually dug up the remains of his wife and took them back to his home. It seems he tried to immortalize his wife's remains by encasing them in clay and then subsequently clothing her. He then placed her in his bed in order to continue sleeping next to her,

Neighbors remain concerned for Le Van and are hesitant to visit his home. He opened up to the press about his actions but it remains unknown what will become of his dead wife's remains.


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