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Dec 7, 2009

Is it Wise to remove Wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth or third molar extraction is expensive, and recovering from the surgery is no easy feat, considering that pain, bleeding, swelling, infection and nerve injury are but a few of the complications. Still, removing wisdom teeth is recommended by many dentists to avoid the pain and periodontal disease that results from an impacted tooth. The surgery should be done during young adulthood, before the teeth attach to the jaw and become too difficult to extract.

In 2007, however, dentist Jay W. Friedman claimed in the American Journal of Public Health that at least two-thirds of wisdom tooth extractions are unnecessary. He and some other dentists argue that these teeth will come in at the proper position and cause no trouble. These dentists say that instead of simply doing preventative removals for most young people, we should only remove wisdom teeth that are impacted. Other dentists say that these teeth are still difficult to clean and should be removed.



Timothy said...

In my opinion, it's much safer to remove the wisdom tooth to prevent any problems in the future. I agree with the other dentists that wisdom teeth are harder to clean, so these will collect food debris which mayl cause problems later on. I'd still ask for my dentist in Goose Creek for his opinion.

I have a wisdom tooth, and of course, I'll have my Goose Creek dentist extract it.

kPg said...

My dentist just told me that I have an impacted tooth, and it has to be taken out via surgery. It's kinda scary, don't you think? And it's very expensive. I wrote about it in my blog, please check it out. Thanks!

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