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Dec 3, 2009

Brothers living in cave inherit $6.6 billion

Zsolt and Geza Peladi and a sister who lives in the US are each to receive a share of a $6.6 billion inheritance. The broke brothers living in a cave on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary and selling scrap for pennies are now on the verge of inheriting their grandmother’s fortune. Their maternal grandmother died recently in Germany, entitling the pair to a share of her estate.

"We knew our mother came from a wealthy family but she was a difficult person and severed ties with them. She later abandoned us and we lost touch with her and our father until she eventually died", said 43-year-old Geza.

"If this all works out it will certainly make up for the life we have had until now – all we really had was each other. No women would look at us, living in a cave. But with money maybe we can find a partner and finally have a normal life.

Details of the wealthy grandmother have been kept secret to deter fraudsters.



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