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Nov 5, 2009

Something About The King Of Pop

Jackson's oxygen chamber.
For the purposes of beauty and longevity, Michael Jackson used to sleep in an oxygen chamber.

Jackson and an ancient Egyptian sculpture.
A netizen called 'mandalariangirl' speculated that Michael Jackson got some of his plastic surgery ideas from this ancient Egyptian sculpture.

Jackson's unique anti-gravity boots.
Michael Jackson invented anti-gravity boots and patented the invention with the US Patent Number 5255452. These unique boots allow wearers to tilt so far forward that they appear to defy gravity.

Jackson's animal friend – a chimpanzee named "Bubbles".
Jackson regarded "Bubbles" as a son. Aside from teaching the chimp basic human behavior, Jackson also taught "Bubbles" to dance the "moonwalk." It was said that "Bubbles" also learned to fold a bed for Jackson.

Jackson suffered from a rare genetic disease.
Michael Jackson suffered from a rare genetic disease known as Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (a condition that raises your risk for certain types of lung disease, especially if you smoke), which is one of around 8000 rare diseases worldwide.

"Billie Jean" was the first MTV video to feature a black artist.
"Billie Jean" was the most successful single from Jackson's "Thriller" album.

Jackson's video game.
Japanese firm Sega Corporation specially developed a video game for Michael Jackson called "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker."

Jackson's Thriller zombie vinyl figure.
In many respects, the "king of pop" is considered to be quite eccentric.

The world's largest Thriller group dance.
In 2008, 4000 people from all over the world donned white gloves and zombie make-up to celebrate Michael Jackson's Thriller dance. The activity involved 4177 people in 72 cities in 10 countries performing a synchronized zombie dance.

Jackson's Nintendo game "Punch-Out".
Mike L. Mayfield created a Nintendo game called "Punch-Out" which stars an awesome and active Michael Jackson.


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